Reservations and Info:

Golf Cart Rental

$150 per day
(Includes drop-off, pickup, charging, training, maintenance, insurance)

VIP Suites

Vendor Row Tent

$250 a weekend for a 12×12 spot at a specific sports complex, including internet and space.

Athlete Trainers

On field trainers $27 per hour per trainer, includes all product

Hospitality Suite

Post-Game Food

Service Box lunches meals and After Game Snack packs $12-$16 per meal

Athlete Recovery Center

U15-17 and adults

i. Recovery Starter – Team $250, Individual $20
ii. Recovery Premium – Team $350, Individual $30
iii. Recovery Pro – Team $450, Individual $40


a. 24 x 10 Trailer – $1,000.00 per month
b. 16 x 10 Trailer – $500 per month

Referee / Officials Coordination

Legacy has a full-time Director of Officials, Michelle Golowatsch, pricing varies by sport