Gilbert Public School Performance Academy & Legacy Sports USA

In partnership with Gilbert Public Schools Performance Academy, Legacy Sports USA will be offering a Sports Enrichment Program. Students will be transported to Bell Bank Park, home of Legacy Sports USA, in the afternoon for a customized athletic training and skill-building schedule, with 15 different sports programs offered.

Students can choose from: Basketball, Baseball, Cheer, Dance, eSports, Futsal, Gymnastics, Jr. Ninja Warrior, Multi-Sports Classes, Beach Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball, Obstacle Course Racing, Pickleball, Soccer, and Softball.
This program is designed to help students excel in academics and athletics while allowing a flexible schedule and evenings for family time!


When students sign up for the Sports Enrichment Program they are provided transportation to Bell Bank Park, home of Legacy Sports USA, and arrive onsite at 1pm with parent pickup at 4pm. They spend the three hours at Bell Bank Park going through the following:

  • 45 minutes of professional sports training (this is based on the sport they choose)
  • 45 minutes of performance development training with Dan O’Brien and his team
  • 30 minutes refuel meal and rest 
  • 60 minutes of academic support
Join us for our upcoming Family Nights to learn more about this amazing opportunity:
  • Wednesday, July 13th 6pm-8pm at Bell Bank Park, Fieldhouse C

Ready to take the next steps? 

  1. Enroll first with either Mesquite Elementary or South Valley Junior High
  2. Register with Sports Enrichment Program through Legacy Sports USA 
  3.  Once you are enrolled and registered you will receive a welcome packet with your academic schedule and transportation information from Gilbert Public Schools and athletics schedule and information from Legacy Sports USA

Want to join but are not registered with Gilbert Public Schools?

The sports enrichment program is available for any school-aged child. If you are not registered with Gilbert Public Schools transportation will not be provided! 

Pricing Guide

When you register for the sports enrichment program you are able to have your child attend 1 to 5 days a week! Below is the pricing information and it is billed monthly: 

  • 1 day a week $180
  • 2 days a week $288
  • 3 days a week $360
  • 4 days a week $410
  • 5 days a week $480
Why Choose Performance Academy & Sports Enrichment Program?

  • Designed for athletes who want to excel academically.
  • Flexible schedule to attend school in the morning and Sports Enrichment Program after lunch.
  • Access to a wide range of academic and social school experiences alongside peers!
  • Access to accelerated academic opportunities, extra-curricular clubs, programs, and electives.
  • Mentorship and personalized support