Leadership Team

Legacy Cares

Douglas Moss



Randy Miller


Chad Miller


Brett Miller


Jeff de Laveaga


Tyler Simons


Mike Baggett

Legal Counsel

Mike Muraco

EVP of Business Development

Dan O'Brien

Executive Director of Health, Fitness & Wellness

Angela Ledger

Executive Assistant to Executive Team

Ashley Simons

Controller - Sports Revenue

Jenni Pape

Director of Human Resources

Legacy Sports Directors

Layne Baggett

Director of Scheduling & Executive Admin to COO

Debby Farrelly

General Manager of Indoor Sports

Tim Zemp

Director of Indoor Boys Volleyball

Kaue Martins

Director of Futsal

Suzannah Netizel

Director of Cheer

Michael Nemeth

Director of Rec Sports

Tim Huff

General Manager of Outdoor Sports

Michelle Golowatsch

Director of Officials

Ryan Trefry

Director of Pickleball

Dan Lannon

Director of Boys Lacrosse

Dan Hill

Director of Girls Lacrosse

Skylar Del Sol

Director of Beach Volleyball

Kayla Travis

Director of Girls Basketball

Jessica Grohman

Director of Indoor Girls Volleyball

Brett Stewart

Director of Endurance / Obstacle Course Racing

Bobby Pena

Director of Girls Softball

Kelli Wilkins

Director of Dance

Zeke Sandhu

Director of Football

James Jones

Director of Football

Dannon Kaiser

Director of Youth Sports Camps

Richard Nuttall

Ambassador of Legacy Soccer