Currently playing professionally on the US Men’s Futsal National team, Kaue Martins is well versed in all areas of futsal. As a cofounder/director of a competitive youth soccer club and an owner of a Men’s professional futsal club, Kaue is involved in all levels of futsal development from the playing side to the management side. Over the past five years Kaue has grown the sport of futsal more than any other counterpart in the Southwest region and continues to take futsal to new heights. Growing up in Brazil and moving to the US in high school, Kaue received his first professional contract playing field in the USL in Florida directly upon graduation. After this he played for other field teams, both in the US and abroad, before making a full transition to futsal. Kaue has had the privilege of playing for both the Brazilian Futsal National Team and currently playing for the US National futsal team. With the US team, Kaue participated in the Gold Cup to qualify for the 2019 AMF World Cup. After the qualifiers, Kaue represented the US at the World Cup in Argentina and has won several golden boot’s in domestic and international competitions. Kaue is currently in the player pool for the next cycle of qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup in 2021. Kaue started his own professional futsal club, Phoenix Brazas FC, in 2016. Currently the club is a part of the American Futsal League (AFL), the only league in the United States sanctioned under AMF (Associaion Mundial de Futsal). As a finalist in the 33rd US Futsal National Championship and three-year Southwest Regional Champions, Phoenix Brazas FC is a club that is recognized both nationally and international. The club recently took victory at the 2020 AFL EliteCup. Kaue’s management experience, as well as his contributions as a player, has led to the club’s success over the past years.