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Students are welcome to try a class for a $15 trial fee. This fee will go towards tuition once registration is completed. Please note that trial classes do not hold a spot in the class until a registration fee has been collected as spots are filled on a first-come, first serve basis. To book a trial class please select Request a Trial on the class page. Trial fee will be charged to your account once your trial has been approved.

All students will be charged a $50 membership fee when they sign up for classes, this is a one-time fee for the whole year. The membership fee includes membership benefits like: discounted parties, discounted camps, discounted open gym, discounted nights out, and member only events!

Tumbling classes

From forward rolls to full twists; these classes focus on the development of basic to advanced tumbling skills. We offer classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. As early as age three athletes can participate in a class that will not only teach them the fundamentals of tumbling but will also assist them in learning balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination.

  • Tots Tumbling (ages 3-5)
  • Level 1-5 Tumble Classes
  • Basics
  • Back Handsprings Class
  • Tuck/Layout Class
  • Twisting Class
  • Front Tumbling/Aerials Class

Specialty Classes

Flight School

This class is a specialized flying class. It is offered for any athlete ages 5-18 wanting to learn to be a flyer or to maintain technique skills. Flyers will focus on core strength, flexibility and balance control by starting with basic drills and working up to elite flying skills. Flyers will use stunt simulating equipment in class, allowing them to have the full experience of using their skills in the air. This class will teach athletes how to stretch properly to help maximize their athletic potential. Coaches will also focus on stretches for the back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps for the correct body position. This class is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all athletes and anyone who is wanting to learn the skills of a top girl/flyer.

Cheer 101

This class is an entry level cheer class that provides the whole cheer experience! Athletes from ages 5-14 will learn jumps, stunts, motions and basic cheer skills to prepare them for any of our rec or competitive programs or for those athletes trying to prepare for school team tryouts. This is a great class to get your athlete prepared for their future in cheer!

Jumps and Strength Class

To build and improve jumps, working on your strength is essential! This class will help you improve your flexibility and strength to improve your toe touches, tuck jumps, pikes, hurdles, and other cheer jumps. Athletes will learn proper techniques for these jumps so their skills continue to grow.