Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle course
Legacy Endurance is focused on delivering an unmatched experience with our SEAL-inspired military O-course, 5k Obstacle Course, Low Rope Course, and Junior OCR Course.  Join us at Legacy Endurance for our:
  • OCR World Championships 3k Qualifiers
  • Legacy 5k OCR events
  • 10-week OCR & Trail Running Leagues
  • Low Ropes Course
  • Corporate Team Building



Director of Endurance Training

Brett literally wrote the book on Obstacle Course Racing, along with more than a dozen other titles published worldwide covering running, triathlon, fitness & diet, and more. His 2012 Ultimate Obstacle Course Training guide was released before Tough Mudder and Spartan Race were household names, and as co-founder of Mud Run Guide his team was responsible for spreading that message to millions of athletes around the globe each year. Brett is also one of the founding four of the OCR World Championships, and has served as the event director for their events in North America and in the UK.  As an athlete, Stewart has completed over 2 dozen marathons across the USA, multiple ultramarathons, and upwards of 75 triathlons including Ironman, AZ. An American Ninja Warrior alum, Brett has also created and hosted 36 episodes of his own head-to-head racing series, OCR Warrior. Mr. Stewart brings an extensive knowledge of endurance events to Legacy, including design and construction of military-style courses, multi-stage and multi-sport events including rucks, time and mission-based challenges, obstacle course races, trail running, duathlon, team-based challenges, kid’s training and development courses, and much more.

Legacy OCR proudly features both a 20+ element Low Ropes Course and a 1/4 mile 16+ Obstacle Course for ages 8+ up. The courses are both designed for kids and adults to enjoy together!

Low Ropes: 20+ elements for hanging, swinging, crawling, or traversing across – all safely 1-2′ off the ground with no harnesses needed. (link to Low Ropes) Learn More

Obstacle Course: 16+ challenges spread over 1/4 mile to climb, swing, jump, and more! Our elements are created to give the experience of a Spartan-type obstacle course (minus the mud).  (link to Obstacle Course) Learn More

Obstacle & Low Ropes Courses are available for Drop-In Registration for 1 hour or All-day unlimited passes. Please Note: All passes begin when payment is completed and expire when the courses close for the evening, please take note of the course hours before registering.


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