The Legacy Development Academy is a supplemental training program that gives children in our community the opportunity to further their soccer development, providing them with the best possible learning environment, to develop a deeper understanding of tactics, technique and teamwork in preparation for competitive club soccer. 

Our aim with all of our Legacy Sports programs is to make the experience fun and engaging, with the hope that we create a lifelong passion for the game in young players, as well as creating players that are equipped with the tools necessary to compete at the ‘next’ level.

Our age-appropriate curriculum focuses on individual technical development, building confidence in young soccer players, improving cognitive development, and increasing imagination, by allowing players to learn the game gradually in a fun, exciting, and competitive environment.

•      We believe every player benefits from playing in every practice session and game situation.

•      We are committed to providing a positive, respectful environment.

•      Our focus is on the continued growth and development of our players and teams to their desired potential.

•      We believe soccer can help build self-esteem, create lasting relationships, and teach valuable life lessons

•      We know we can achieve our goals only through the combined efforts of our parents, players, and coaches.


 August 9 – September 17th, 2022


Sessions start Tuesday, August 9th, and run through September 17th. Sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5.30pm – 6.30pm on Field 2 & 3 at Bell Bank Park Soccer Facility.

The Academy is a program created to provide youth soccer players born between 2010 – 2014 with an opportunity to further develop their Technical & Tactical understanding of the game, taught by qualified soccer coaches with deep understanding of the game and player development, to push the players to the next level. 

Early bird registration is $195 and full registration cost is $225

The Legacy Development Academy is aimed at providing supplemental training to players looking to accelerate their development in preparation for competitive club soccer.

•      Professionally qualified coaches
•      2x training sessions per week
•      Formal player assessments at end of season.
•      One  Training jersey
•      Three ‘Play Day’ Events (9-12 games)
•      6 week program

Players are eligible if they fall in these birth years:

  • U8-(2014)

  • U9-(2013)

  • U10-(2012)

  • U11-(2011)

  • U12-(2010)

Soccer cleats, shin guards, sunscreen and water.

Only at the recommendation of the coach and the program leaders.

Playing down is not permitted.

The Legacy Development Academy  will use a holistic method fostering the physical, technical and mental progression of our youth soccer players focusing on:

Motor Function

Proper control and confidence in their own bodies.

Ball Manipulation

Creating a relationship with the ball where they are able to execute complex techniques comfortably.

Game Like Situations

Applying their body control and ball manipulation into small-sided games or drills simulating a specific moment during a game.

Participants will be expected to come to training prepared to give their best effort, acknowledging that mistakes are a part of the learning process, not something to fear.

Successful participants will leave the Development Academy as well rounded youth soccer players, able and willing to play any position in competitive soccer programs.


Passing the ball on the ground with pace from various distances and receiving the ball while keeping it moving will be encouraged in all age groups.

Players must develop the ability to shoot from different distances. All players will be encouraged to shoot from various distances during the game.

Players will be encouraged to keep close control of the ball and use different maneuvering techniques to transition the ball away from the defender.


All teams must feel comfortable playing the ball from the back through the midfield and from there to the final third of the field.

All teams must try to keep possession of the ball playing a one-two touch game. Players will be encouraged to support and move, thus creating passing options. Once the possession game is consolidated the team must learn how to transfer the ball in the most efficient way from one area of the field to another.

When possession is lost, players must react quickly and apply pressure to regain the ball. Once possession is regained, players will be positioned immediately to counter-attack.


These qualities will be evident in the game from an early ages.

Individual players and teams will train to be resilient to high-intensity action.

Strong players develop their speed more quickly, prevent injuries and are more competitive in games.


Players will adapt to a role on the team and respect teammates, coaches, referees and opponents.

Each player will be part of a unit and will work within the team to achieve the objectives for a given task, session or game, as well as for the entire season.

Competitive players will be rewarded for their effort and focus.