Brett is a former collegiate basketball player that graduated from Arizona State University. With a strong understanding of the landscape that comes with youth and collegiate sports, Brett provides great intel on best practices for Legacy to implement. Following Brett’s time at ASU, he found a great passion for business development, developing strong brand/culture recognition, and effectively implementing tools and resources for an organization to help them reach optimal performance.

Brett is tasked with providing strong leadership, strategic planning and business development for Legacy Sports USA by working with the board and other executives to establish short and long-term initiatives. Brett recently served as a National Business Development Representative for the fastest growing Artificial Intelligence startup (Forethought AI), helping them grow from an $18 million valuation to $118 million valuation in a matter of 6 months. During his time at Forethought AI, Brett worked with some of the largest Tech brands spanning across the US. Prior to Forethought AI, Brett was a District Manager for a Fortune 100 Company (ADP), in which he specialized in business development and human capital management. During his time at ADP, Brett specialized in developing strong partnerships and finding avenues to positivity impact an organization’s P&L’s while strategically helping his clients gain market share. Brett consulted more than 350 organizations on human capital management trends and how to effectively implement change to receive their desired results.

In addition, Brett is an active Phoenix 20/30’s and Fiesta Bowl Committee (FBC) Member. As a member of the Fiesta Bowl organization, it is the organization’s responsibility to host and coordinate two of the most exciting College football bowl games every year; The PlayStation Fiesta Bowl and The Guaranteed Rate Bowl (formerly the Insight Bowl).  Throughout every calendar year, the FBC hosts many charity events across the valley including The Fiesta Bowl Golf Tournament, Hole-in-One Challenge, Honeywell Aerospace Competition, National Band Championship, NCAA Youth Football Challenge, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Banquet, and The PlayStation Fiesta Bowl Parade.